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CASE STUDY: Overcoming Legal and Financial Challenges to Secure a Home Refinancing and Renovation Loan

Natalie sought to refinance her home loan to pay out her ex-partner, remove him from the title, and secure funds for much-needed renovations. She also aimed to transfer the property into her name and her new partner's name.

The Challenge

Natalie had been paying the loan herself for three years following her split with her ex-partner. However, complications arose when her ex-partner stopped the repayments by invoking a hardship provision. This action, while temporary, had adverse effects on Natalie's credit report, complicating the refinancing process.

The Solution: 

The first challenge was addressing the adverse credit report caused by the missed repayments. With meticulous documentation and negotiations by the Smart Mortgage & Lending team, the credit report issue was rectified, ensuring Natalie's creditworthiness was accurately represented to lenders.

Another significant challenge was the stamp duty involved in transferring the property title from Natalie and her ex-partner to Natalie and her new partner. Through collaboration with her conveyancer and the state revenue office, they were able to secure an exemption, saving Natalie approximately $40,000 in stamp duty fees.

The Outcome: 

After a year-long process involving legal documentation, credit report rectification, and stamp duty exemptions, Natalie successfully secured the refinancing and renovation loan. She was able to pay out her ex-partner, transfer the property title, and obtain funds for renovations, significantly improving her financial situation and peace of mind.  


Natalie's case underscores the complexities involved in refinancing and property transfers, especially in situations involving ex-partners and legal processes. Through perseverance, expert guidance, and effective client management, Natalie was able to navigate these challenges and achieve her goal of securing a better financial future.

*names have been changed to protect client privacy.

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